FTP Howto

To use the FTP uploader you need a valid FTP server account. There are a lot of hosting providers out there that can provide one for free, or you can set up your own server as well. Of course this worth nothing without a web server. Fortunately most web hosting service includes both.

Let's assume that you already own an account. Ensure you have the following details.

  • FTP server host and port (the latter is usually 21)
  • User name and password

In this example these are:

  • Host: ftp.myserver.com
  • Port: 21
  • User/pass: myuser/mypass
  • Web: http://myserver.com/~myuser

Now, we will create an uploader profile in JShot.


Open the popup menu from the system tray and click on Start JShot. Than click on Edit/Config wizard or press Ctrl-F12 to open the Configuration wizard.

On the right side of the window you can see the available uploaders. Click on Add button to add a new uploader profile.

Use the combobox to select which plugin do you want to use for this profile. In this case we want to add an FTP profile so you have to select the FTP Uploader plugin. Now pick a name for this profile. It is recommended to use passive mode so don't uncheck that checkbox. The Active ip and port range fields are irrelevant therefore. You can fill the remote host, user name and password fields, based on your account. The Upload directory and the Link fields are also important. Let's assume the your FTP root is your home directory and your web directory is located in your home, and its name is public_html. Storing your pictures in a separated directory is a good idea. So create a screenshot directory inside your public_html with a FTP client. (It is not a big deal if you skip this step because JShot can create it as well)

In this case your upload directory should be public_html/screenshot, and the link should be:


Click on the Finish button and try to upload something. You should get something similar:


The increment index means that the number at the end of the file name will be incremented automatically.